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The Benefits of a Weight Vest

Real quick, friends, I gotta say I'm loving the questions I'm getting from you! You all are awesome for seeking out answers for your fitness questions and putting the information to work for you!

Today's question is all about weight vests! These are a valuable tool to use for resistance training, and today I'm going to talk about some benefits you'll see from using them.

Plus, I visit an old stomping ground of mine, thought I'd get out of the car for a day :)

I hope that helps you out! If you're unsure of how to proceed with a workout, feel free to enter your name and email and I'll send over a video teaching you how to put your own bodyweight workout together.

Once you master using your own bodyweight, can even put your own spin on it and add a vest to make it more challenging for you ;)

#fitness #video #musclebuilding #fatloss

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