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Don't Even Try It!

Did you know your words have an effect on your physical ability?

It's true, and it's one reason I am very careful to watch how my clients speak about their goals. Your words can either create breakthroughs or they can create obstacles. So if you're talking about what you want to achieve in a negative way, you may as well hire a boxer to knock you out every time you try something.

And that word, "try," is actually what I'm talking about today.

Here's an example that you'll get right away: Imagine you're talking to a friend, and you want to invite them to some social event.

"Hey John, my friend's band is playing in town Saturday night, can you come out?"

"Oh yeah, I'll try to make it!"

Are you actually going to see your friend at that event? In case you don't have experience with inviting anyone to anything before, the answer is probably not.

The word "try" often projects a future failure. It's a way to express an effort, but also gives a way out in case that effort "fails."

So some people scrape by in life "trying" to eat better, exercise more, or succeed at work, but if they don't make anything happen, they still get a pat on the back from their friends who say, "It's ok. You tried."

However, what good is it if a friend, personal trainer, or mentor does that? Someone who hears your goals, sees the greatness in you, and helps you draw it out will do you much better than someone who says it's ok for you to stay stuck where you are.

Now, I'm not saying you should stop using the word "try" forever, or that you should expect perfect execution the first time you attempt something. It still takes time and practice to get something right, whether it's an exercise, sport, or even a job.

My hope in saying all this is that you become aware of your own language and learn how to project future successes rather than prepare yourself to be disappointed.

"I will eat a serving of vegetables every meal."

"I can work out 4 days a week."

"Pull ups will come easily to me in time."

You may be surprised at how well your body responds when you remove the doubt from your words.

Please share this if you benefited from the message today. Chances are, someone else might too. I sure did as I was learning it!

P.S. I apologize if you're someone who "tries" to show up to events. You might need a new line if your friends have read this :)

#fitness #motivation #mindset

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