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How to Pick the Right Protein Powder

Do you ever get confused analyzing all the options when you're at a health food shop? Particularly as it applies to choosing a protein powder?

I happened to buy some protein today, so I thought I'd expand on the ideas in my first article on protein supplements and help you learn how to choose the right one for yourself. Some people don't like supplements at all, and as a personal trainer, I'd never tell you they are necessary, but a lot of people - myself included - do find them helpful.

Here I talk a little about the process I go through to pick one when there are so many choices around you and the guy working at the store confuses you more than he helps :)

(I'm lucky enough to have awesome guys at Complete Nutrition Santa Barbara)

Hopefully that was informative for you! As always, definitely do some of your own research because what works for me may not always work perfectly for you.

Please like, share, or comment below with your thoughts!

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