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Why Your Life Wants You to Exercise

This past week, I had the opportunity to be on a cruise ship and live it up with some awesome family and friends, and it was on this trip that I really came to appreciate the value of taking care of your body.

Now, I don't mean that in a vain "beach bodies are what life is all about" kind of way (there is always someone with a "better" body out there anyway). I'm talking about health and ability to enjoy what's out there in the world to the fullest.

While I was cruising around, I could see people who had let their bodies degenerate struggle to do something as simple as walk down stairs or get out of a chair and I was left wondering how much more they could have enjoyed a trip like that if they had been in better shape.

Now, there's really no getting around certain injuries, disabilities, or just plain aging, but for the things you CAN prevent, why wouldn't you? There are many health conditions that can be avoided or alleviated just by eating well and exercising, so it definitely pays to invest some time into yourself.

Whether you love traveling, hiking, sports, dancing or whatever, think of THOSE things next time you find yourself torn between eating or not eating an extra brownie at the office luncheon.

How much better could life be knowing you're giving your best at everything you've ever wanted to do, and your health is not an obstacle?

Would you rather sprint or limp through life?

I know which I'd rather do, and everything I put on this website is for those who also want to be sprinters (or at least joggers).

And maybe we'll get beach bodies as a little cherry on top too :)

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